Education is right but is still beyond of many

For all these reasons,girls education has been recognised as a human right

The right of education is denied to million girls ,there are always a number of components in the society which are under privileged of their basic rights in every society,state and nation.


Girls education promotes economic growth

Girls education brings high returns not just for income and economic growth,but in other crucial areas as well as including improving children’s and protecting children’s rights and delaying child marriage,empowering girls and women and Improving climate change adaptation

Education for the girls

Hi,it’s your feeyah

Am so happy to share this with you.its only when you try you realise the talent in you.My girls are improving and making it InshAllah.I promise to help and support any girl child education in my community and the world at large.let us support education especially for the girls,let us help them bring out their dreams to reality.

Gender equity in education

Equality in education means equal opportunity for all children,especially those who are denied the right to education because of disability,poverty,gender or locationGreater equity and inclusion in education cannot be achieved Without better data and analysis about the most marginalised population.Yet today,many groups remain invisible in statistics at the national and global levels.

Are You A Girl Child? I’m Here For You!


I’m Feeyah! Your friend, sister, and go-to enigmatic lady on girl-child related issues.

Here we’d be sharing with ourselves some of the issues our society face regarding girl-child.

We’d not only talk here, we’d be pragmatic and go all the way to find lasting solution to these problems.

Every girl-child has potentials. It is our duty to assist them realize them.

Feeyah (CEO – Feeyah Girls Initiative)

So guys, let’s talk. Let’s interact. Let’s share and connect.

Let’s start building bridges.


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